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Prior to becoming a West Michigan Divorce Attorney, I was employed as a paralegal assisting with high conflict cases. For several years, I worked with a family law attorney who provided mediation services in domestic relations cases. It was at this point that I realized how effective mediation was to resolve difficult cases.

With my interest in mediation, while I was in law school I obtained training as a civil mediator, and in other forms of alternative dispute resolution. It was not long after opening Schmitt Law, PLLC, I became very aware of my client's frustrations with the financial and emotional cost they were incurring because of heated litigation in their divorce and custody cases. Having been exposed to the mediation process for years, and with my alternative dispute resolution training in law school, I knew that I wanted my law practice to center around the path of dispute resolution.

I then sought training and continued education in collaborative divorce, as well as training as a domestic relations mediator. Since my initial trainings, I have continued my education in collaborative divorce. I strongly believe in the dispute resolution process, and more specifically, the collaborative divorce process.