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Regular attendance is critical to student success.

The Kent Intermediate Superintendents Association (KISA) has adopted the Strive for Less Than 5 ™ days absent campaign as an ISD-wide initiative because regular attendance is critical to student success.

The following information is taken directly from the KISA flyer distributed throughout Kent County.
 The KISA flyer says “Make every day count!” 
            •           Be on time, every time
            •           Set appointments before or after school
            •           Plan vacations when school is out
            •           Build backup plans or a buddy system to get students to and from school
 The KISA flyer also says “Give a high 5 for higher success!” and asks did you know…
            •           Missing more than 5 days in Kindergarten makes learning to read harder
            •           Missing more than 5 days any year hurts learning and lowers test scores
            •           Students who miss more than 10% of school a  year (just 2 days a month) are more likely to drop out
            •           Being late to school or leaving early leads to poor overall attendance
            •           Absences affect everyone when teachers have to help students catch up
Being in school all day every day gives students a greater shot at success.  Every day, every hour in class is a learning opportunity.  Students who are absent, arrive late or leave early get less learning time than students with better attendance.